Convincing a Loved One They Need Help

Signs a loved one may not be able to properly care for themselves.

  1. Spoiled foods, messy house, unopened mail. Warning signs one is either becoming confused and forgets to take care of these things, or they do not have the energy to keep up with the house work.
  2. Weight loss. This can be a symptom of  numerous medical concerns, or may be an indication one is forgetting to eat or is unable to prepare meals.
  3. Confusion, getting lost. Challenge in finishing familiar tasks, or confusion finding their way to or from places they regularly visit.
  4. Poor hygiene.Look for changes in grooming habits, or the appearance of no grooming at all, such as soiled clothing, dirty hands or hair.
  5. Can be seen in mood changes, or lack of interest in hobbies.
  6. May mean one is experiencing falls, or cannot see well enough to avoid running into things.
  7. Medication concerns. A person in the early stages of dementia may forget to take their medications, or, forget they have already taken them and take multiple doses.
  8. Physical weakness. Look for balance issues, difficulty getting up from a sitting position, and shortness of breath after normal activities.

Convincing a loved one they may need help at home can be challenging.  Be aware of the warning signs listed above, and contact home care services to help keep the person you care for safe at home.

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